Renting Process

1. Determine a Budget

It is a good idea to work out what your budget will be and how much flexibility you have in terms of price. This enables you to narrow down your search for properties as it is important you are living within your means and able to pay the rent going forward. Like most agencies, we require you to pass reference checks regarding your occupation. Your income or combined annual income (if renting with others) will need to be approximately 2.5 times the annual rent in order to be considered.


2. Registering With Us

Finding the right property is key to a happy home, and the first step is to register your interest with Dion Properties Ltd. Your consultant will then discuss your requirements in detail in order to have a thorough idea of which property will suit you. We suggest that you think about what your ‘must haves’ are and what you are prepared to compromise on in terms of what is needed of a property. The best way to approach a property search is to have an open mind; you don’t always know what it will be like until you walk through the door.


3. Keeping You Informed

Your consultant will keep in regular contact with you throughout your search. They will inform you of any new and suitable properties as soon as they appear on the market and will arrange for you to see them as soon as possible.
We conduct a thorough search for the best properties, which is aided by our unparalleled knowledge of the areas we cover. As we also work closely with other agencies, our team can give you full information on a wide variety of properties on the market in different locations.


4. Attend Viewing

It is imperative to view properties at the earliest opportunity. We endeavor to fit viewings around your schedule and to keep it as simple as possible – whether you prefer to meet at an office or at the property – our team will work to accommodate you. Our opening hours of 09:00 to 20:00 mean you can view properties before or after work (if this is more convenient) or, of course, on a Saturday.
It is also important to get the most out of each viewing. Our consultant will be fully informed about the property they are showing you around and can advise on nearby transport links and local amenities.


5. Making an Offer

Once you have found a property you want to rent, acting fast is crucial as the lettings market moves very fast in London. Speak to your consultant about the best way to proceed with your chosen property and think about the information you’ll need to provide such as the move in date, duration of stay, references from work, proof of funds, etc. We will need to ask how much you earn each year so we can check that you earn enough to cover the rent. The more information we can give the Landlord about your offer and yourself, the stronger that offer will be.


6. References

References will be obtained by an external agency. The admin department will send you the forms to complete; you will need to return these within 24 hours.


7. Move-In Coordination

Dion Properties Ltd. will help you throughout the entire process. We will do everything we can to ensure a smooth transaction. You can help speed things along by keeping in regular contact and completing necessary tasks as soon as possible.
Our dedicated Admin team will handle all aspects of the move-in process; such as collecting references, organizing tenancy agreements, furniture removal or purchase, collection of funds and arranging inventories. This provides both the tenant and landlord with a comprehensive professional service, ensuring everybody’s peace of mind.


8. Document Signing

Whilst we encourage all documents to be signed at our office, we do however also have an online signature facility which provides a convenient, efficient and secure way of signing all documentation attributed to a tenancy; making the process easier for both tenant(s) and the Landlord.

Congratulations, you can now move into your new rented property!